In late May 2008 Jason Hernandez was diagnosed with BrainStem Glioma (Brain tumor) at the age of 1 1/2. When he was diagnosed the doctors in Dallas said that he was going to live a couple of months but with radiation treatment to the brain he could get six months of life tops.


After his radiation treatments his journey continue to San Antonio where he was treated at a Military Hospital and received his first chemotherapy treatment.

Six weeks after and no improvement with the treatment Jason’s doctor referred him to a Cancer Hospital in Houston. We would travel from San Antonio to Houston for over two year on a weekly basis .

In Jason’s three year battle he received three different treatments of chemotherapy, two different treatments of radiation to the brain and to mention all the different kinds of procedures and medications.

Jason was doing great with his progress until one day when God reached out to him and said it was time to go. Jason really never had any friends growing up or lived a normal childhood, but everyone he meet he loved and become part of his life.


Jason "Lil Fighter" Hernandez
Jason Hernandez

He had the biggest heart and the biggest smile! Believe it or not and he actually knew everything that was going on around him.


When someone was sad he knew what he had to do to cheer them up.

Jason “Lil Fighter” Hernandez lost the battle to cancer on March 28, 2011 at the age of four and a half.

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