Rent or mortgage payments, electric or medical bills, groceries, transportation and more.

Providing spiritual, emotional, and financial support through the Butterfly Fund at certain medical facilities. See link.

Research, Financial Assistance.

Financial Assistance and support

Financial Assistance and support (Pennsylvania area)

Financial Assistance and support (NJ area)

Joy Jars, Resource Guide

International organization dedicated to eliminating cancer by funding research, promoting education and diminishing suffering.

Provides information, advocacy, and research.

Information and resources for newly diagnosed, in-treatment, end of treatment and survivorship.

Blood cancer research, education and patient services.

Information for caregivers, family and friends of a cancer patient

They provide financial assistance for medical expenses and household bills, and their affiliated group Beyond the Cure helps survivors address issues such as medical and educational late effects, healthy living and advocacy.

Grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions


Where do you turn when you hear those dreaded words “Your child has cancer!” One of the first things most parents do when hearing the news that your child has cancer, is start looking for some help and resources.

There are many resources and support programs available to help you and your family manage cancer diagnosis and treatment. Here are some that might be useful. Though we are not affiliated with these organizations, we hope that you find them helpful and supportive.

Child care and support

Please contact your hospital or outpatient social worker for information and eligibility requirements for these and other resources to meet your particular needs.

Foundations and websites that offer information, support and assistance.

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