When a child or teen is diagnosed with cancer the entire family is thrown into crisis mode, as each member of the family unit attempts to cope with the news in their own way.

Family members and caregivers of a child with cancer may experience a roller coaster of emotions before/during/after the diagnosis and throughout their child’s cancer treatment. Oftentimes, initial responses to a childhood cancer diagnosis from caregivers and family members may include:

  • Shock and disbelief

  • Denial

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Sadness, depression and grief

  • Guilt

  • Frustration and anger

The challenges continue even after family members and caregivers have come to grips with the initial cancer diagnosis, as they now must attempt to navigate complex health insurance and financial issues while providing their sick child with the best possible quality of life and making life-changing decisions about their child’s medical treatment. When Jason was fighting the fight against cancer we saw the need for financial assistance as one of the main burdens for our family during the three years he was fighting DIPG. For this reason, Jason’s Dream Foundation was created to provide support to families with children fighting pediatric cancer and we will be working hard to raise funds with the goal of helping as many families as we can. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about bills when they are fighting for their child to survive and beat cancer. We want you to know that we are praying for you but most importantly we want to give you some financial assistance.

Jason’s Dream Foundation wants to provide a gift to families of $250 grant to help with the financial stress that comes with a Pediatric Cancer diagnosis. We understand that there are many additional expenses like mortgage, rent, utility payments, childcare, health insurance premiums, car expenses or treatment-related expenses such as meals away from home, prescriptions, and parking that families incur almost immediately after receiving such devastating diagnosis and we want to help.

You can also use it to treat your child to a special day or occasion. Our goal is to bring a SMILE to your family during such difficult circumstances

ATTENTION: In order to be eligible and considered for a grant after the 1st of the following month, applications must be complete and  submitted along with all required and accompanying documents no later than the 15th of the current month.   

You can download the application for assistance below.  Once complete, your healthcare provider can submit the application via email or fax. 

Submissions of an application is not a guarantee of receiving a grant from our foundation.  We will not process incomplete applications. 

Application for Financial Assistance
If your child was diagnosed Pediatric Cancer and you would like to apply for financial assistance, please download the application.

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